1976 batch at Sigiriya in January 2017

The 1976-year batch had a holistic education at the Medical Faculty and University Campus. The late nights in the campus, long hours in the library, yawning sessions in the lecture halls, adrenal pumping high speed training at the hospitals and above all the comradeship among the mates are many unforgettable memories we all have.

Today, unfortunately there are few who are not with us anymore and we salute them but others are still beaming with enthusiasm and terrific energey. The hard work and many hours of companionship have nurtured us to become wiser, affable and well respected citizens in the society and today, many of us have taken up responsible leadership roles in national and international arena. For this we thank our Alma Mata and our chums.

The milestone reunions; the 40th at Chaya Blue in Tricomalee in 2011 and 45th at Sigiriya in January 2017 are memorable events.

The 45th year international reunion at Sigiriya was well attended by local and few international alumni. The event was efficiently organised by Kapila Gunawardena, Ranjith Kumarasiri and Hilary Suraweera and we thank you for your outstanding leadership.

We all arrived at Aliya Resort & Spa in Sigiriya a luxurious resort immersed in lush wilderness where wild elephants roam freely. The contemporary resort with minimalism at the reception and in the gorgeous apartments or tents augmented the atmosphere. A magnificent series of steps leading to open vast lounge with captivating views of the infinity pool and the enormous twin rocks; Pidurangala and Sigiriya, a memory greatly cherished by many of us.

The evening on Sunday the 8th of January was amazing where our cognitive function was challenged when facing our buddies; racking our brain to remember the names or the previous silhouettes with the present! But the atmosphere was electric; lots of hugs, emotional tears and lots of laughter. Our well-seasoned degenerative joints were put to tests during our moves for the mesmerising melodies led by Aruni supported by her husband Gerald with additional contributions from Malkanthy, Samara & Herath

The following day was a coronary artery patency test adventure; visiting the national heritage site of “Ritigala Forest Monastery”. Ranjith Kumarasiri who still looks 21years of age arranged this exciting, though challenging tour!

Our tour started with the services of a guide explaining the archaeological significance of this sacred and serene forest whilst we gathered around the “Banda Pokuna” (Built Pond) reservoir, which was built in the 4th century BC and has a circumference of around 370 metres. From here the winding stone paved path leads you to the many ruins scattered over an area of about 120 acres. The ruins had been a monastery of a sect of Buddhist monks practicing extreme sternness, wearing only robes made out of rags. Theirs was a life of meditation, seeking the ultimate truth, coming down from their caves only to accept food brought by visitors.

Even though our visit was around late morning/ mid afternoon the light along the path was soft and subtle from the overhanging branches of large trees and the air itself was quite cool and comfortable. Though this was a difficult terrain to climb the ambiance was serene. I may add that no one missed the extra calories burnt. On the contrary some of us deserved the loss of the extra calorie though unfortunately it was only temporary!

The weekend was wonderful and most of us suffered from post-reunion blues for five or six days after.

However NO WORRIES we are looking forward for the 2018 batch reunion at Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire, UK and then in 2019 back in Sri Lanka.

Krish T Radhakrishnan

1976 Batch - Peradeniya Medical School