OOops….. we can’t believe it ! 40 yrs have gone since we joined medical faculty and the memories are still afresh. The anticipation, hopes , ragging, fun , laughter, parties, batch trips, yawns of lectures/ books/ libraries, sports, plays, dances, toils, tears and exams are still lingering in our thoughts as if they happened few years ago. No doubt they were the best years of our lives and wish we are able to go back to those good old days.

Having scattered all around Sri Lanka and rest of the world, climbing up professional ladders and many excelling to be leaders in our respective fields, we had many good reasons to meet again. So we had a grand reunion called ‘Pre Dementia summit’ in 2003 at Sigiriya village and once again at the ‘Pre Incontinence summit’ (PIS) in 2013 at Kakuleganga Resort. Fun, laughter, stories of good old days flowed freely mixed with many ‘hello machangs’, games, swimming, excursions, plays, sing songs as well as the camp fire not only made them wonderful reunions but also thrilled all family members who joined us. ‘The Broken Tape’ play enacted after a period of over 35 yrs was a remarkable achievement giving fits of laughter as it did then. Despite this, we were also mixed with sadness of some of our batch mates who have departed us.

Now it is time for our 40 years reunion called ‘Pre Retirement Summit’ ( PR Summit) on a grand scale in Habarana 2018 on 29th June to 1st July. It will be difficult to beat the success of the previous reunions but we will try.
Peradeniya Medical School Batch 1978
Sigiriya 2003
Batch Reunion 2018 (Pre-retirement Summit)
Batch Reunion 2013 (Pre-incontinence Summit)
Batch Reunion 2008 (Pre-dementia Summit)