We are eternally grateful to our Faculty & University of Peradeniya for laying strong foundations and nurturing us, to reach the positions we hold in the medical profession and the society today, thank you. Now it is our turn to payback. The great Nelson Mandela famously said, “there is no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return.” PeMSAA-UK executive committee and I will continue to dedicate our services and share our experiences for the development of alumni & alma mater without expecting anything in return. In short, the PeMSAA-UK exists, wholly and solely, to help our alumni and, by extension, the Peradeniya Medical Faculty itself succeeds.

We held the AGM on 15th June 2019 and we thank you for all those participated. The AGM has elected the new Executive Committee but some of us are stuck in the same posts for another term; at the AGM those executive committee members who are stepping down were thanked, for their valuable contributions. The new committee was welcomed and we are looking forward for another exciting term.

A decision is also made to offer life membership for £200.00 per person and the associate membership for £15.00 per annum or life associate membership for £100.00. You might ask who could be eligible to be an associate member; the categories are; the visiting trainees from Sri Lanka, the children of PeMSAA, the Dentist who qualified pre 2014, the Medical students of UK who have had elective attachments in Sri Lanka and Professionally qualified non-medics who are interested in helping the Medical Faculty and students at Peradeniya. The benefits for being a paid up member or an associate member are; a 10% discount on the ticket price for any future PeMSAA-UK events, the members are also entitled for nomination to be in the Executive Committee and PeMSAA-UK will endeavour to facilitate these paid up members to engage with career guidance activities at the Faculty of Medicine.

The other decision made was to have the major PeMSAA-UK events every 2 years and to have low-key fund raising events annually with AGMs.

We would encourage many of you becoming Members of PeMSAA-UK and we want to inspire the alumni connect with each other as well as our alma mater. I like to finish with another quote by Nelson Mandela “vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time and vision with action can change the world.” PeMSAA-UK has the vision and action plans to make a difference for our alumni & alma mater and we kindly request you all to join us.

Thank you

Dr Krish Thambiah Radhakrishnan FRCGP
PeMSAA-UK President
President's Message