2021-2022 Events

2022 Charity Walk

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2021 Spring : Webinar on “Emerging technologies in the post-COVID healthcare”

By Dr Thushan De Silva (With Prof Malik Peiris and Prof Neelika Malawige)

22nd May 2021

PeMSAA UK organized an academic webinar “Emerging technologies in the post-COVID healthcare” on 22nd of May 2021. The webinar was approved by the Royal College of Physicians for 2 CPD credits. The first speaker was Dr. Mahiben Maruthau, whose parents are both alumni of the Peradeniya faculty. He discussed about ‘Technologies in Post COVID-19 Healthcare’ in the form of questions of answers with moderators Krish Radhakrishnan, Swaminathan and Gayathri Wathuge. During this discussion, he highlighted how artificial Intelligence will help in many areas of heath care including diagnostic services, social care, training, and education. He discussed the implications and limitations of the technology but emphasized that with the right kind of approach, the gains to the health of individuals and the healthcare services are likely to be substantial.

The second speaker was Dr. Thushan de Silva, whose parents are both Colombo alumni. He spoke on the “Prospects & Utility for Integrating Pathogen Genomics into Healthcare: Lessons from SARSCoV-2”. Thusahan who was a member of the UK Genomics Consortium spoke how the use of genomics has helped to track the spread of the virus in the current pandemic. He discussed how advancement in technology is making it possible to do genomic analysis of any infection, both viral and bacterial, in a short period of time. He speculated that in few years’ time, such analysis could be done at the bedside making it possible to diagnose and treat infections rapidly. About 150 delegates participated and we received excellent feedback for the event.








2021 Autumn Webinar: "The Role of Microbiome in Health and Disease”

by Prof Tim Spector

18th September 2021

We are delighted that our Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 Webinars were great successes. Autumn 2021 Webinar on 18th September 2021 on The Role of Microbiome in Health and Disease “was by Prof Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Director of the Twins UK Registry at Kings College, London. He has done extensive work on Microbiome and their nutritional and immunological benefits. He discussed some of the key roles of our microbes including the programming of the immune system, providing nutrients for our cells, and preventing colonisation by harmful bacteria and viruses.

He touched upon on studies done on identical twins that show different population of Microbiome, which could be the reasons for different health conditions, behaviour, and other character changes in the identical twins. The gut Microbiome in particular, has been linked to a plethora of diseases and conditions, from diabetes to autism and anxiety to obesity. When purchasing probiotics, it is important to buy a product which supports vast amounts and variety of Microbiome..



Winter Webinar on “Updates on Cancer Care”

26th February 2022

The panel of speakers was: Dr Abhijit Singh Gill: General Practitioner in Hammersmith and Fulham with a special interest in Oncology. Clinical Lead for the Acute Diagnostic Oncology Clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran: Lead for Urology, Cleveland Clinic London, Consultant Urological & Robotic Surgeon, University College London Hospitals. Professor Kemal Deen: Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon, Sri Lanka. He was previously Chairman of Surgery and senior Professor at the University of Kelaniya Medical School. Dr Nirupa Murugesu: Consultant in Medical Oncology at St George’s University Hospital. Cancer Lead for Genomics at Guy’s & ST Thomas Foundation Trust and Clinical Lead in Cancer studies at Genomics and Cancer Studies at Genomics England. The Federation of the Royal College of Physicians approved both Webinars for CPD credits. We are proud that the participants of the webinars rated them as excellent events.



Spring Delight – a cracker of an event! : At Iver Village Hall

5th of March

The Life needed to get back to normal after COVID. PeMSAA Social Event was the ideal tonic for this at Iver Village Hall on 5th of March. It was promoted as a ‘fun event like no other’ but no one had the faintest idea of what fun was to be dished out. Of course, we could not disregard COVID as everyone were requested to do the Lateral Flow Tests which were checked over by the smiling ladies at the Reception. Lunch We from Peradeniya do things differently, always setting new standards. The day started with sumptuous typical Sri Lankan rice and curry. Of course, after such a bellyful, keeping everyone awake was a challenge. After two years, many ‘Hello machangs’ we heard from all corners of the hall. It was pleasing to see many trainees joining with their families. Fun and games The fun event was a contest between traditional Pera residential halls, Arunachalam, Ramanathan, Wijewardena and Mars Hall teams. Well, feeling sleepy was the furthest for everyone as straight after lunch the action started in the way of “Gin gan guli, gin gan goo” song with each team taking turns to sing verses. This was followed by word chain relay kept everyone cognitively stimulated and challenged. The alphabet song was the tonic for action packed ‘nursery rhymes’ by each group with each team trying to get the nod of the super judges.

The formal welcome song based on “Welcome to PeMSAA world” based on the song by Jim Reeves “Welcome to my world’ “giving a very warm welcome to all including PeMSAA and non-PeMSAA members, was sung by Uditha Jayatunga. This was followed by a skit, “Harley Street consultation” by Dr. Nodor King and his patient Mr. Aney Apoi which left everyone in stitches. Music and drama Expert singing performances by Mike Eswaran and Jayantha Perera added further variety to this event. Ruwan Soysa’s presentation on history of baila took us back to “Oh to be in England” and “varsity kello” songs. Once again, these got the whole crowd participating in singing backed up by Hiran, the one-man band adding more spice to the day. The group dancing competition showed the variety of dancing talents of all in groups with so many atypical moves on display making it very difficult for the judges. It was time for tea giving a pause to entertainment, but the laughter scale went up another notch, in the last skit “Medical records dept at Peradeniya Hospital’ starring senior Mr. Malaseka and the ‘new recruit’ Mr Kale Kanni.’ Finally, a brief sing along going back to well-known vintage Sri Lankan songs with many roving mics before the curtains came down. The surprise of the day was the most beautifully decorated cupcakes made by Sharmila Jayatunga to the winning team Arunachalam. Feedback Post event feedback confirmed an almost 5/5 feedback on the day’s proceedings giving Lal Jayasekera the Social Secretary a big sigh of relief!!! Overall, it was a wonderful day of truly unexpected fun in typical Pera style for both young and old. Thank you so much for all who made the effort to join us and a big “Thank You” to the Social Committee and all others to make it a truly memorable day..

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2022 AGM and Dinner Dance: Belfry Hotel & Grand Resort, Birmingham

19th November 2022

The Autumn Dinner Dance and AGM was help succefully on the Saturday 19th November 2022 at Belfry Hotel & Grand Resort, Birmingham. The new committee for 2023-2026 was elected with some new faces joining the current committee. The Professor Ram Swaminathan was nominated to the board of Trustees and we thank outgoing Trustee Prof N Sreeharan for his great contribution since the inception of PemSAA-UK. The event was well attended and managed to raise fund to facilitate ongoing projects to support the faculty. The event comprised of live music by Sky High and Dancing entertainment by the dancing company..


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