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Dr. Joe Joseph Tribute

Dr. Joe Joseph

Dr. Joseph affectionately known as ‘Joe’ was educated at St Patrick’s College, Jaffna. He graduated from Colombo Medical College in 1962 with flying colours. His passion for teaching started soon after his graduation. He joined the Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya a as a lecturer in Forensic Medicine and then changed to Biochemistry and again to Nuclear Medicine.

Although a graduate of the Colombo Faculty, Joe had a great affection and loyalty to Peradeniya medical School. While he was a lecturer in Forensic Medicine, he published a paper about assessing factors controlling post-mortem cooling. This was fore runner of his many research activities.

It predates the rest of the articles on this subject. This work has also been referenced in many other publications in the field of Forensic Medicine. After 2 years as lecturer in Biochemistry, he came to London and did his Master’s in Radiation Biology. On returning to Peradeniya, he pioneered the discipline of Nuclear Medicine in the Faculty. He returned to London in 1972 and trained in Radiology specialising in Ultrasound. This was in its infancy at that time. Joe became a national and international expert in this field.

Joe is a great thinker and innovator. He invented a needle that has enhanced visibility with Ultrasound and thereby helping to guide the needle to the target area. He received an “Innovator Award” for his pioneering work. He published many scientific papers and has contributed chapters to radiology textbooks and was also an Editor in Chief for textbooks. His innovative skills were not confined to medicine. He noticed that it is always a bit fiddly to take out a CD/DVD from its case. This led him to invent a CD/DVD case where it was easy to take out the discs. He was a very good piano player and a vocalist. He was a member of several choirs. After retiring, he continued to teach and help patients and also did a Master’s in Theology. He became a life member of PeMSAA UK and also contributed generously to projects such as the Book Donation Programme. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.





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