PeMSAA-UK Membership

Eligibility, Benifits and Membership Fees

Alumni and alumnus of Peradeniya Medical School are invited to join as members of PeMSAA-UK. There are two categories of membership as explained below.

Irrespective of their undergraduate education, all academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine Peradeniya and the Consultants of the Teaching Hospitals, affiliated with Faculty of Medicine Peradeniya, involved with the teaching of the medical students are welcome to join the PeMSAA-UK.

Full membership is available to any UK alumnus and the academic / Consultants staff of the Peradeniya Medical School.


Associate Membership

Available for the following categories :

  1. Trainees from SL on overseas postgraduate training & education
  2. Dental Surgeons from Peradeniya pre1985 (when the Dental School was part of the Medical School)
  3. Children of PeMSAA members in UK who are medical graduates
  4. Any UK undergraduate who has done an approved elective clinical or nonclinical attachment at the Medical School or at Teaching Hospitals affiliated to the Medical School
  5. Any UK based medical professionals, who are actively engaged in research and other collaborative work with the Medical School Peradeniya
  6. Any professional who has an interest in the development the Faculty of Medicine Peradeniya



  • Annual Membership Fee: £25.00 per year
  • Annual Associate Membership Fee: £15.00 per year
  • Life Membership Fee: £200.00
  • Life membership, over 70 years of age, Fee: £130.00
  • Life Associate Membership Fee: £100.00
  • Life Associate Membership over 70 years of age, Fee: £65.00

Membership Benefits

  • Event discounts: There will be a 10% discount on future PeMSAA-UK event ticket price
  • Eligibility to become an elected member of the Executive Committee: Only an alumnus could be elected to the position of the President, Secretary or Treasurer. All other paid up members are eligible to be nominated to the PeMSAA-UK Executive Committee.
  • Participation with activities supporting the Medical Faculty:
    • Opportunity to be involved in the projects of PeMSAA-UK such as the Mentoring Programme and Career Guidance Programme
    • Opportunity to share one’s Specialty experience at the Faculty of Medicine by way of lectures, talks or seminars for trainees or staff.
  • You will be part of an enthusiastic group of people supporting your Alma mater!

PeMSAA-UK organises an academic conference including a social event every two years and a social event every year. The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held each year on the day of the academic or social event.

Becoming a member of PeMSAA-UK is one of the ways to support PeMSAA-UK to raise funds that can be used for supporting undergraduates and for the development projects at the Faculty.

We would kindly request all the UK alumni to register as annual or life-members to help us to succeed in our endeavor.

Please phone / e-mail one of the committee members or visit the website to become a member by online


Pay Online


PeMSAA-UK Membership Fees

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