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PEMSAA-UK Spring Delight 2023

22nd April 2023 - Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebrations 2023 , Birmingham, UK

This event was attended by alumni all over the country and oversees. The event was full of traditional indoor and outdoor games. The organising committee was led by Lal worked tirelessly to make this event a success. The creative games organised by Uditha was a delight. Bandula and Kumdu duo presented an excellent music program which was well aligned with the crowd expectations. The traditional Sinhala food was appreciated by all.

Due to generous contributions by the committee and the attendees we managed to make a profit of around 1000£ which will go towards helping our alma mater.The organising committee would like to thank who joined us on the day and contributed to this event to be a memorable event.


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1978 Batch Reunion

30th March 2023

The 1978 Batch Reunion was held succefully on the Thursday 30th March 2023 at "The Palm", Beruwala. The support by the ‘committee’ was essential for the success and with out which it would not have happened. Though deep south was the preferred location, we opted for a bigger hotel more proximally. The location at ‘The Palm” Beruwala certainly gave wider options- such as access to the beach and ability to do beach games which was a welcome addition. The official start of the event with traditional lighting of bonfire, went almost pear shaped as heavy rain was threatening at the same time. That ‘close’ relief was followed by pure extasy throughout the weekend.


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