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Prof Gamini Buthpitiya Tribute

Prof Gamini ButhpitiyaA Tribute from PeMSAA-UK: Management Committee, its members and the UK alumni are solemnly saddened by the loss of our respected and popular teacher, an eminent Surgeon and former Dean of the Peradeniya Medical School Professor Gamini Buthpitiya.
The demise of our beloved teacher, colleague and friend is an irreplaceable loss not only to his close loving family and friends but also to the medical professionals and many more around the globe.

The PeMSAA-UK extends their sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Dr Krish T Radhakrishnan - President, PeMSAA-UK (2018)


Dr Gamini Buthpitiya - An Appreciation

The recent demise of Dr Gamini Buthpitiya, in full flow of his surgical talents, took us, his colleagues in Kandy, by surprise. A thoughtful surgeon, with a great deal of expertise in his craft, meticulous to every detail he adorned the University Department of Surgery at Peradeniya. He brooked no-nonsense, in whatever he took up, he planned his efforts to the minutest detail. He retired as the Dean of the Medical Faculty Peradeniya, a task he undertook with a similar degree of zeal and commitment. He was a friend and colleague of mine for thirty- six years. A class Act.

Trained with elite units of Gastro-enteroloical Surgery in Australia, including that of the famous Professor Marshall in Melbourne. He was one of the earliest to establish an endoscopy service in this country in 1986. The service he started, his trainees, now surgeons in their own right, continue.

He was a Trinitian to the core. Was the Head Prefect of the school when he ended his illustrious school career and an alumnus of the same medical school he was to serve subsequently in. Widely read, A sharp incisive mind touched with empathy for the downtrodden, he was one whose services in the specialty of his choice, his colleagues in the medical profession would run to, in times of need.

He would spend his free time, sparse though it was, helping nature, a passion of his, a mini environmentalist, grooming a plot of land at Loolkandura , of which he would speak proudly about. Well versed in Buddhist philosophy, including the Suttas, he practiced what he believed in, the philosophy in Buddhism.

He leaves Tamara, his doctor (anaesthetist) wife, and son Senaka who is in the US. May his journey through Sansara be light and short.

Professor Channa Ratnatunga



An Ode to an Amazing Unforgettable Batchmate

His good and sparkling name is Buthpitiya, Ananda Gamini
Well-endowed with talents, natural gifts that were so many
Educated at a famous school in Kandy called Trinity
He is sure to be remembered well- nigh for eternity

As a young lad at the Peradeniya medical faculty
Won many a distinction with dignity, sans any difficulty
In physical size, though he was a bit diminutive
Had a clever, sharp mind that was so intuitive

We’ve seen a lot of each other as batchmates
More so, being buddies and also clinical groupmates
We studied, we played and were up to many an antic
But in good clean fun, and never was it that frantic

He was refreshing in speech and also very eloquent
A coherent debater and always looked so elegant
In manner exuberant, vibrant and in mood spirited
Even his gait and stride was pacy, with a demeanor undaunted

He always looked a leader in our batch of sixty-nine
Never apprehensive, unflinching and so very fine
Purposive in mind and full of creed and strong conviction
Never would retreat until his deeds were in consummation

He blossomed to be a safe, bright and dexterous Surgeon
Well known for quality in this our cool hill-country region
Dedication and perfection were his distinguishing hallmarks
Gathering so many laurels and authentic praiseworthy remarks

Now we are staggered and left to question why and ponder
This good soul was taken away to a wild blue yonder
Farewell! Faithful friend, our thoughts of you will always abound
Till we meet again on that beautiful shore which lies beyond

 “It’s my humble tribute to a great guy with whom we had the pleasure and privilege to associate”

Dr Jayantha De Silva
Batchmate 1969

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